Six Telco Forecasts for 5G, Cloud, and IoT

Telecom service providers promoted 5G in 2019 and made cautious progress toward the technology’s potential. Although 5G adoption is still in its early stages, 2022 will see the continued spread of 5G services and capabilities across many different industries, including smartphones, IoT, cloud, and more. It will also mean something different to scale services with business development and stand them up much more quickly.


Revenue Assurance from a Regulator’s point of view

Telecom regulators in emerging markets are losing revenues due to the absence of governance and lack of transparency in the telecom industry, and the two main reasons are (1) fraud impacting CSP’s networks and subscribers as well as (2) the absence of traffic and revenue monitoring, leading to full dependency on the operators’ revenues declarations without any verification.


Telecom Trends to Look after in 2022

The telecom sector has new chances and will face further difficulties in 2022 due to the competitive, technological, and environmental changes that are happening very quickly. Our yearly perspective focuses on the telecom sector’s key themes, from more intense competition in broadband markets to cybersecurity in the 5G era.

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