Business Assurance – Full Suite

Ensure Comprehensive Business and Revenue Assurance by maximizing visibility and control, across your entire revenue management lifecycle.

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Our business assurance solution offers end-to-end comprehensive data monitoring and processes validation, across the telcos’ ecosystem including order management, provisioning, usage, billing, and settlement, that identifies any irregularities or discrepancies that could have a negative impact on revenue, and enhances the monetization of complex services in today's competitive market.

Benefits and Features

Product and Offer Management

Conduct continuous audits of product catalogues and promotions’ definitions to ensure accurate and precise representation of revenue-generating services, packages, and pricing schemes, as well as monitor any expired or incorrectly configured offerings that may result in missed revenue generation opportunities.

Order Management and Provisioning

Ensure that all orders initiated from the point-of-sale and customer interaction channels, match with the contracts and fulfillment requirements at every stage. The solution also monitors the progress of provisioning milestones, starting from the initial order placement until activation, to ensure that services are provisioned and billed correctly.

Network and Usage

Correlate the usage metrics obtained from various network elements and mediation systems, and utilize these analytics to ensure that the recordings, accurately and comprehensively, represent customer consumption patterns and identify potential anomalies and discrepancies, that may lead to incomplete or inaccurate billing.

Rating and Billing

Consistently ensure the alignment of real-time rating configuration systems and product catalogs with the billing systems' charge calculation and rating engines, and conduct audits on generated bills to identify and mitigate any inaccuracies or inconsistencies that may have negative impact on revenues and customer satisfaction.

Accounts Receivables

Monitor the entire receivables process, from acquisition to collections, to maximize cash recovery, identify customer credit risk and potential fraud, and handle bad debt write-offs.

Finance and Accounting

Ensure the accuracy and reliability of revenue transactions from all interaction channels, by reconciling them with the general ledger and other financial accounting systems.

Customer Management

Monitor all transactions related to customer care refunds, discounts rules, account credits, and manual billing adjustments, to ensure their appropriateness, and take the needed measures to prevent any revenue loss resulting from improper manual overrides or issuance of credits.

Partner Management

Conduct audits on revenue sharing agreements with interconnect partners, roaming partners, and other vendors, by utilizing invoice settlement according to the contractual terms, to verify the precision of billing and calculation of shares.

Reporting and Notifications

Produce executive dashboards that include KPI reports and automatic alerts, tailored to specific roles, in order to improve supervision of abnormal trends, identify and address issues, and track progress to continuously optimize processes.