CDR Analysis

Unlock the power of data, detect fraud, optimize revenue, and enhance the customer experience.

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Our Innovative CDR Analysis Platform elevates your telecom operations with advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and customizable reporting. The system is a hybrid rule-based and machine learning engine allowing the detection of abnormal behavior occurring on the operator’s network, and adapting to new fraud patterns.

Benefits & Features

Real-time analysis

By implementing inspkt signaling probes, our solution will be able to analyze real time network traffic to prevent fraud.

Enhance Fraud Detection and Prevention

Setting thresholds to identify abnormal behaviors, enables operators to quickly act against detected cases and prevent the continuation of bypass fraud, by dealers and subscribers.

Minimize Revenue Loss

By taking immediate action against detected cases, operators will minimize revenue leakages, thus increasing traffic revenues.

Flexible Integration Capabilities

Provides the user with the ability to collect data from different types of operator’s data sources, such as (FTP, sFTP, SQL Receive Adapter, etc.).
Offers seamless integration with various systems, including CRM, TAP files, IN Data, Billing, RA, and HLR, enabling access to enrichment data as well as real-time blocking actions.

Hybrid Engine

Dynamic rule-based and advanced machine learning engine, for live traffic fraud detection.