A precise capturing and manipulation rule-based engine of all network events, empowered with high performance, flexible configuration capabilities, and intuitive user-friendly interface.

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V-Mediator is a highly configurable mediation system that stands at the front of effective data management for CSPs, aiming to deliver top-tier services, streamline operations, and elevate customer satisfaction. The solution capabilities, including real-time data processing and in-depth data analysis, drive precise billing and minimize revenue loss and proactive fraud detection.

Benefits and Features

Online & Offline Modes

Online Mediation through OCS, and near real-time mediation for offline XDRs from multiple sources.

Significant Speed and Scalability Extension

A high-performing engine with multi-threads architecture, enabling on-demand linear scalability.

Efficient Data Integration

Seamlessly integrates data from various sources, including network nodes, devices, and third-party systems, facilitating data-driven decision-making for northbound and other consuming systems.

Dynamic Data Transformation and Aggregation

Enabling online/offline collection, validation, normalization, conversion, correlation, and duplication-check of XDRs based on a dynamic set of rules and conditions, making the data ready-to-use in the required format, and providing CSPs with a smooth end-2-end mediation process.

Superior Accuracy

Ensuring billing accuracy and revenue leakage prevention by providing robust XDRs of service usage without event lose, duplication, or corruption.

Advanced Dashboard & Analytics

Providing advanced operational reports and analytics with on-demand customization capabilities, for a better operational experience and monitoring.