Test Call Generation

Proactively protect your network, preserve revenue and stay one step ahead of fraudsters.

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Designed for fraud detection, our cutting-edge and reliable TCG platform (F-Zero) detects and quantifies fraudulent (calls / SMS /OTT) activities by generating traffic from different types of networks around the world (Fixed, GSM, VoIP, Calling Cards, etc.), towards the test numbers in the terminating network.

Benefits and Features

Real-time Fraud Detection and Elimination

Identifies and alerts network operators of potential fraud attempts, in real-time, allowing immediate automated fraudulent activities’ suspension/blocking.

High Accuracy Ratio

To help report real cases, detected through the test campaign, and ignore false positive ones.

Rich Portfolio of Origination Sources

The system leverages a wide network of originating sources, covering different network types, which increases the detection rate.

Flexible Test Calls Campaign

Because different operators have different interests in the call campaigns, timing and sources, our test calls’ campaign management flexibility allows scheduling of such campaigns to meet these requirements.

User-friendly UI

Enjoy an interactive UI to create custom test call scenarios, utilize reports and analytics, as well as monitor and resolve detected cases, in real-time.

Quality Assurance

Ensure that your international voice calls are properly terminated through legal routes and detect different types of bypass fraud (SimBox, Refilling, OTT, and CLI spoofing).

Variety of Integration Options

Leverage the various OOTB integration options such as, FTP, API, or file integration with operator network elements.