Interconnect Management

Optimize the billing and monitoring of local voice and SMS interconnect traffic to experience increased efficiency and profitability.

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Our Local Interconnect System transforms the management of local voice and SMS interconnect operations. With its advanced capabilities and seamless integration, it facilitates the establishment of connections with local partners, streamlines operational processes, and drives revenue growth. Whether you are a mobile operator, fixed operator, or local exchange carrier, our solution offers unparalleled scalability, reliability, and adaptability to meet your evolving business needs.

Benefits and Features

Efficient Partner Management

Optimize the process of onboarding, managing contracts, and collaborating with local partners, while gaining a comprehensive 360° view of partner management, to improve operational efficiency and financial transparency, and focus on the development of robust partnerships that drive business growth.

Settlement and Billing Automation

Enhance the settlement and billing procedures’ accuracy with your local partners, by automating revenue share calculations, d invoicing, and assured precise payments, thus reducing the need for manual intervention, minimizing errors, and enhancing financial transparency.

Dispute Resolution

Enables tracking and resolving of disputes with partner operators, to facilitate smoother business relationships.

Comprehensive Traffic Monitoring and Analysis

Gain real-time insights into traffic patterns, usage trends, and network performance, enabling network resources optimization, data-driven decisions, and enhanced operational efficiency.

Customizable Business Rules

Achieve advanced operational performance by implementing actionable and customized rules that encompass rating, revenue sharing, and analysis of traffic and billing transactions.

Seamless Integration

Integrate seamlessly with the existing network elements and 3rd party systems, by utilizing the dynamic data sources’ integration, to achieve efficient data interoperability and operational environment streamlining.

Scalability and Flexibility

Increase the system's capacity to accommodate the increase in voice and SMS traffic. Adapt the system to suit evolving business needs, ensuring optimal performance and flexibility in a dynamic telecommunications landscape.