A user-friendly CRM with process-oriented journeys that enhances customer-centric operations, end customers' experience and simplifies CSRs' manipulation of customer relations and information.

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V-CRM provides a fully integrated suite of functions allowing business and customer care staff to efficiently manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle from lead mgt. to sales automation, order mgt., and problem management while providing a unified customer 360-degree view. Its open architecture provides an omni-channel customer experience by enabling high-quality and consistent customer service across all customer interaction channels.

Benefits and Features

Customizable Customer 360° View

All customer-related information is availed within a 360° view screen, for prompt access and quick response time to customer inquiries, as well as better understand of customer needs, preferences, and behaviors.

Multiple Levels of Customer Hierarchies

Allowing dynamic and flexible customer grouping and sub-grouping for better management of accounts of huge enterprises with multiple branches.

Responsive Rendering of Devices and Screens

Access to CRM is now a must for different CSPs' teams be it in offices, at home, or in the field. Our latest web technologies facilitate access of all types of users and manipulation of all types of services, from various types of devices.

Open Architecture Platform

Predefined OOTB Open APIs, enable fast and less costly integrations with Billing, OCS, customer interaction & payment channels, as well as other partners' verticals, availing an omnichannel experience for end customers.

Advanced Work Force Mgmt

Powerful WFM, Escalation, and SLA Management modules, facilitate CSPs' manipulation and follow-up on tasks' distribution, management, and resolution, thus reducing customer serving time and enhancing customer experience.

Dynamic Dashboards & Analytics

The OOTB reports and analytics provide valuable data to support informed business decisions and strategies, empowered by full customization capabilities.