Where a smooth, reliable, accurate & quick customer service and resource provisioning fulfillment becomes a symphony.

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Provisioning (V-Activator) is the key to agile service deployment. It empowers CSPs to meet market demands swiftly and efficiently while optimizing resources and minimizing costs.

Benefits and Features

A Symphony Orchestrator

With advanced orchestrating capabilities, the end-2-end provisioning symphony is harmonious, and fulfillment integrity among the various provisioned elements is guaranteed.

Fast TTM & Low TCO

Enabled with its open architecture and OOTB integration APIs, V-Activator is proven to be a major supporter of a reduced TTM due to its positioning as the last-mile service fulfillment element, and low TCO.

Resource Optimization & Cost Reduction

By optimizing the allocation of network resources and streamline provisioning processes, V-Activator ensures better network performance, efficient resource utilization, and minimal operational costs.

Service Assurance Monitoring

Assuring the correct provisioning of customers' services is the major concern for CSPs. V-Activator provides advanced provisioning operational reports and analytics with no-code customization capabilities, to enable CSPs to have an eagle view of all provisioning aspects.

Powerful & Scalable

A high-performing engine with multi-threads architecture, enabling on-demand dynamic scalability extensions, with the capability to re-process failing commands one-by-one or in bulk.

Multiple Provisioning Modes

Whether online, with on-demand or scheduled process, or offline, through batch execution, V-Activator is enabled to provision mobile, fixed, and external 3rd party services.