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Our international voice wholesale system transforms the voice wholesale business, through the implementation of advanced functionalities and seamless integration. It enables establishing connections with a comprehensive network of worldwide partners, streamlining operational processes, and effectively driving substantial revenue growth. Regardless of being a mobile operator, international gateway operator, or wholesale carrier, our solution provides unparalleled scalability, reliability, and flexibility to cater to the ever-changing business requirements.

Benefits and Features

Efficient Billing and Settlements

Enhance the efficiency of your billing and settlement procedures by utilizing our comprehensive billing module. Generate precise invoices utilizing tailored pricing structures, such as wholesale rates or tiered pricing. Enable seamless settlements with your partners by implementing invoice and CDRs' reconciliation and payment monitoring, thereby, reducing the reliance on manual intervention and ensuring accurate payments on time.

Customizable Routing Policies

Customize your call routing policies to align with your specific business needs. Our system provides the capability to establish rules according to variables such as costs, quality, time, and special deals. This flexibility empowers you to enhance the efficiency of your voice traffic, minimize costs, and provide exceptional call quality to your customers.

Technology-agnostic Routing

Whether your voice network is built on Legacy, next-generation, or hybrid switching technology, our unique smart routing automates the E2E routing provisioning processes.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

Obtain valuable insights regarding your wholesale voice operations through the utilization of our comprehensive reporting and analytics tools to monitor significant KPIs, assess traffic patterns and identify potential revenue opportunities.

Scalable and Redundant Architecture

Built upon a resilient and flexible framework, our system has the capability to manage a substantial volume of calls while maintaining exceptional quality. It incorporates redundancy measures to guarantee continuous service accessibility. As your business expands, the system adapts to handle increased traffic and extend your voice network.

Multi-Switch Support

Our wholesale voice system provides multi-switch support, enabling you to efficiently manage and connect multiple switches within your voice network ecosystem. Through the integration and management of multiple switches, you can expand your network coverage, optimize call routing, guarantee redundancies, and improve overall system performance.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Ensure that you remain well-informed regarding the performance of your voice network through the utilization of real-time monitoring and alerts. Our system offers comprehensive analysis of call quality, and various other metrics. You can establish personalized alerts to promptly receive notifications regarding any anomalies or issues, enabling you to proactively address them and maintain exceptional service standards.

Prepaid/Postpaid Account Management

Achieve comprehensive visibility into the financial status of your wholesale partners by utilizing real-time account monitoring, customizable alerts, and automated blocking controls. Our credit management feature provides thorough analysis of usage patterns, credit exposures, and payment performance across all prepaid and postpaid accounts. You can create customized threshold breach alerts and blocking rules, ensuring prompt notifications and automatic usage suspension when credit limits are nearly reached.

Fraud Prevention

Safeguard your business against fraudulent activities and unauthorized access using strong fraud prevention and security measures. Our system utilizes patterns-based rules and continuous monitoring to detect and mitigate common fraud patterns like call looping, FAS, sudden traffic increase, etc. By ensuring the security of your network, you can maintain customer trust and mitigate financial losses.

Seamless Integration and API Support

Our voice wholesale system seamlessly integrates with your current infrastructure and third-party systems. It provides API support, facilitating seamless integration with CRM, billing, and ERP system. This enables you to utilize your existing tools and workflows while capitalizing on the strength and efficiency of our voice wholesale solution.

Enhanced Billing Precision with OBR

Embrace accuracy in your billing processes with an Origin-Based Rating. This dynamic feature refines your pricing strategies by incorporating the call origin in rate calculations, ensuring you stay adaptive to market fluctuations and regulatory changes. The result is a more accurate, flexible billing system that aligns perfectly with the evolving telecom landscape.

End-to-end origin based Purchase and Selling offer handling

Add new revenue stream by leveraging the power of the origin based supplier rate sheet management to build origin based cost analysis needed to generate dynamic and profitable origin based selling offer to your customers.

Optimized Call Routing Efficiency with OBR

Leverage Origin-Based Routing for superior route optimization, selecting the most cost-effective paths based on call origins. This not only reduces operational expenses but also elevates the revenues and quality of provided services. Experience enhanced network efficiency and customer satisfaction, all while keeping costs in check.