QoS/QoE Analytics

Elevate Your network's performance, ensure superior quality and maintain network excellence. Stay ahead in the ever-evolving telecom landscape with data-driven insights and proactive network optimization.

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inspkt, an innovative solution for monitoring and measuring the quality of service and user experience at the operator’s core and access network, offering advanced analytics, real-time monitoring, and a range of features to ensure optimal network performance, service quality, and customer satisfaction, ultimately contributing to the success of the telecom operator.

The system (inspkt) generates alerts and notifications respecting the predefined QoS/QoE thresholds and presents these KPIs in dynamic BI reports and dashboards. This enables close monitoring of the network performance, service quality, and user experience at the level of access and core networks, providing end-to-end network visibility, helping to troubleshoot network issues, and ensuring best quality of service for end subscribers.


Enhanced QoS/QoE

Ensures superior network quality for end customers, resulting in improved customer experiences, higher satisfaction, and competitive edge.

Proactive Issue Resolution

In-depth analysis of network traffic patterns enabling proactive and real-time detection of network anomalies and issues, to achieve immediate troubleshooting, minimal network downtime, and potential problems addressing, before they impact the service.

Optimized Network Performance

Advanced and customizable reporting insights and analytics that support network optimization, congestion reduction, and network efficiency enhancement.

Cost Savings

Reduces operational costs associated with network management, as proactive issue resolution prevents costly service disruptions.

Compliance Assurance

Helps ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, reducing legal and operational risks.

End-to-End Visibility

Comprehensive end-to-end visibility into the network, allowing for precise analysis of data flow and service quality.


Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous calculation and monitoring, in real-time, for QoS/QoE KPIs of core and access network.

Network Traffic Analysis

In-depth analysis of network traffic patterns, enabling the identification of anomalies or congestion points; recognition and identification of low performing and faulty networks and cells.

Advanced Analytics

Robust data analytics’ tools to assess network performance and generate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Service Quality Evaluation

Monitoring and measurement of service quality parameters, including latency, packet loss, and call drop rates, Easing the troubleshooting, investigation and maintenance in response to any drop in the QoS/QoE KPIs.

Customizable Dashboards

User-friendly, customizable dashboards for real-time insights and tailored reporting.

Integration Capabilities & Scalability

Integration with existing network management and operational support systems (OSS/BSS) for streamlined data exchange, analysis, export in different formats, and dynamic alerting. The solution is scalable to accommodate for network growth and changing demands.