Using market-leading technologies and standards, we provide our clients with a comprehensive range of complimentary services.

ICT and Digital Transformation

In today’s era, cost-cutting and revenues optimizing are becoming more and more a must-do practice ranked on top of every organization’s priorities. Digital Transformation “DX” constitutes one key initiative to realize the foresaid practices. DX impact, on medium to long term basis, shall bypass cost-effectiveness and aligning with technology trends, rather it will rise to the level of a Survival Strategy indispensable for accommodating Agility, Sustainability, and Evolution.

Respecting the aforementioned, our role becomes focal as we tend to address all these challenges through the right automation and online, dynamic, custom, smart solutions that will support enterprises, businesses and governments to sustain operations, facilitate the daily work, achieve agility, boost performance, and foster growth.

It’s in our core values to harness our deep experience to the benefits of our customers and help them prosper and digitally transform their businesses to maintain and boost their presence and overcome obstacles.

Managed and Outsourcing Services

Beyond consultancy services, our professional services incorporate outsourcing and managed services to onboard domain-focused professionals in order to support the various operations and technology expertise required by our customers.

Through our large team of domain experts, we offer telecom outsourcing and managed services addressing resources requirements up to the mission-appropriate skills’ level. Our team of experts offers comprehensive assistance throughout the entire technology stack, from network operations to customer experience.

Our injected Resources’ expertise covers the comprehensive telecom technology landscape including OSS/BSS, FMS, DX, Data Science, Big Data, ML and AI, and Cloud Computing. They act as an extension of the customer organization, working towards the implementation of strategies, the optimization of operations, and the ongoing enhancement and modernization of systems and platforms.


Systems Integration Services

Systems integration is crucial in our technology-driven world, enabling seamless collaboration and efficient operation of diverse software and hardware solutions. Our services include:

  • Data integration: referring to the seamless flow of data between multiple systems.
  • Hardware integration: involves the incorporation of various hardware components and devices into an organization's IT infrastructure.
  • Business Process Integration: involves the integration of business processes across different systems to facilitate systems integration.
  • Cloud Integration: The aim is to connect and coordinate cloud-based applications with existing infrastructure efficiently.
  • Security and Authentication: Ensuring the security of integrated systems is paramount.
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: Rigorous testing is essential to ensure that the integrated systems function as intended.
  • Monitoring and Maintenance: Ensuring the smooth and efficient functioning of integrated systems.
  • Documentation: Understanding system integration and troubleshooting potential issues that may arise in the future.

Machine Learning and Data Science Services

Our data science services guide you through the entire data journey, helping you maximize the value of your databases and create new measurable business opportunities. Our offerings include:

- DSaaS: From assessing your data/AI maturity level to recommending the best NBA in your innovation journey, and from collecting and preparing your data, analyzing it and modeling to implementing and deploying a solution that returns the findings to you, our Data Science as a Service relies on our team of experienced data science consultants who will be outsourced to help you improve your decision-making, reduce your costs and grow your business.

- AI integration in our framework: Our telecom solutions incorporate today’s ML state of the art algorithms to assure the best accuracy for you, adapt with industry’s business conditions, minimize human resources needed for analyses and maintenance and support you not just to take real time actions, but also to become proactive in your decision making.