Vanrise selects Quectel EC25 to simplify and enhance network KPI monitoring for telecom operators

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Vanrise selects Quectel EC25 to simplify and enhance network KPI monitoring for telecom operators

Vanrise, an international provider of amalgamated telecom solutions serving telecom operators and regulators has selected the EC25 EUX module from Quectel Wireless Solutions to be used as a core component in the inspkt Sirius network monitoring solution. The solution which forms an integral part of Vanrise’s comprehensive range of network monitoring systems for CSPs collects QoS and QoE counters, processes and aggregates the collected data, and calculates key performance indicators (KPIs).

The system continuously measures KPIs for voice, SMS and data services for both indoor and outdoor scenarios, enabling the mobile operators and telecom regulators to oversee the real customer experience while relying on a network of distributed IoT Sirius nodes that utilize the Quectel EC25 module. The distributed nodes can send and receive data via the wireless network, allowing full visibility into different QoE parameters in different areas and provinces across the region in question. This enables users to monitor and improve the user experience at the operator’s access networks, providing visibility and helping troubleshoot network issues to ensure the best quality of service is available to subscribers.

The Quectel EC25 is an LTE Cat 4 module measuring 32.0mm x 29.0mm x 2.4mm and offering an extended operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C. The series consists of 15 variants to meet geographical demands and offers support for VoLTE.

“We selected this module from Quectel to complete the last block of the product architecture which took more than four years of research and development to be materialized. The current product uses a dynamic and continuous testing method based on the distributed IoT devices from Quectel.” explains Mohammad Harb, the international operations manager at Vanrise.

The traditional drive testing requires vehicles to cover a long distance in order to get the quality KPI measurements. Such a process is time-consuming and involves a high volume of data as measurement logs should be downloaded from measurement devices and uploaded for processing.

This solution provides an alternative to the traditional drive testing that requires an extended human effort and a long period of time for extracting network KPIs across routes. In addition, the solution allows far richer data to be continuously collected in comparison to drive tests because the latter are limited to mission-based approaches.

“The measured data is limited to the mission period, route, and time of measurement,” adds Harb. “The drive test solution is also costly as we need to consider the buying or rental of vehicles as well as maintenance, fuel and human resources costs. Drive test missions cannot be conducted across the whole country or regions due to, but not limited to, the following reasons: financial, logistics, weather and natural conditions, and human resources.”

Offering a continuously connected alternative provides telecom operators with the measurements they need while avoiding the limitations, delays, costs and incomplete data that drive testing can provide. “We have identified a great business opportunity to build a solution that can fill the gap in this domain,” says Harb. “We have passed the R&D phase of the problem and the potential solution. At this stage, we have a complete design of an innovative solution capable of maintaining the benefits and capabilities of the existing drive test technique and overcoming its limitations.”

Vanrise, which is targeting telecoms providers in the EU, Middle East and Africa with its inspkt Sirius network monitoring solution, selected the Quectel EC25 because it is a popularly used and cost-effective module. In addition, the company was impressed by the module’s stability and the accessibility of Quectel’s Technical documents.

Quectel is well- aware of the limitations of traditional drive testing and sees the integration of the EC25 within the inspkt Sirius system as an important enabler of more complete, uninterrupted test data for mobile network operators. By supporting continuously connected testing operators have more comprehensive visibility into the performance of their networks. This will benefit them greatly in terms of saving cost and providing greater accuracy as they roll-out new networks and ensure their networks are ready to support demanding new services.

“We’re delighted that Vanrise has selected the Quectel EC25 module to enable its inspkt Sirius solution for measuring network KPIs at telecoms operators,” says Dominikus Hierl, SVP Europe at Quectel Wireless Solutions. “We’re proud that our module is helping to make costly, time-consuming processes simpler and faster for Vanrise’s customers, and that the efficiencies achieved are enabling end users with improved experiences of the networks they use.”

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