Business Partner Management

Empower and sustain a successful relationship with your business partners.

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The high demand of CSPs to introduce new digital services, in addition to the routine telecom services into their portfolios, led to an increase, in the number and type, of new partners, into the CSPs' ecosystems and business models. This new and ongoing business need requires a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, application that can streamline and cover, the widening scope of partner-related operations and life-cycle management processes, of the various types of partners, while assuring a satisfying partner experience.

Benefits and Features

360° Degree Partners' View

Availing all partner-related profiles, information, and transactions, on a dynamic and responsive UI, supporting mobiles and tablets, enhances the experience of full visibility.

Partner E2E Lifecycle Management

The necessity to deploy and run seamless processes of all aspects of partners' end-to-end life cycles, including onboarding, data collection, consolidated rating, billing and invoicing, reconciliation, and settlement, makes BPM a master of this art.

Partner Agility & Accountability

Supports agile partnership models, making it easier for CSPs to onboard, manage, and adapt partnerships in response to market dynamics, as-well-as holding partners accountable for their commitments, performance, and service quality, leading to improved partner relationships, new revenue opportunities, and optimize existing ones.

Powerful, Scalable & Robust

With the capability of parallel processing of 100s of millions, of different events, on the hour, from multiple data sources, equipped with an adaptive scalability to handle increasing events' volume.

Reporting & Analytics

This is about a full set of predefined reports, as well as CSPs' advanced reporting and analytical DIY tools, to quickly cope with the data evolution and business requirements.