OSS/BSS - Full Suite

Where a full-fledged OSS-BSS has become an exceptional experience of flexibility & agility.

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Vanrise OSS/BSS full suite (V-BOSS) is a cutting-edge convergent solution that leverages advanced technologies and capabilities to enhance the operations and services of Fixed/Mobile CSPs, MVNEs, and MVNOs. The solution offers user-friendly and process-oriented journeys enriched with 360° customers/process views, to ensure a distinctive experience.

BSS: CRM, Billing, Business Partner Mgmt, OCS, Voucher Mgmt

OSS: Mediation, Middleware and Orchestration Mgmt, Network Inventory Mgmt, Provisioning


A full-fledged OSS/BSS Suite

A convergent customer care, charging, and billing solution serving CSPs, MVNEs and MVNOs for both mobile and fixed networks.

Monetization Sustainability Support

A platform with rich tools that enable CSPs to monetize their legacy services, smoothly introduce next generation services and products to the market, and embrace multiple payment channels.

Multiple Partnerships & Business Models Facilitator

An enabler for partners' on boarding and flexible B2B2X business models for a wider portfolio and diversified revenue streams.

Advanced Operational Agility and Configurability

Low-code/No-code highly configurable and agile platform providing a short time-to-market.
 - User-friendly interfaces to enable CSP's business teams and Low-code/No-code configurations of various features, to minimize TCO and enable CSP's technical teams, wrapped up in an open architecture platform enabling fast and agile integrations and speed up the time-to-market

Digital Customer Journey & Omni-channel Enabler

A digital experience for end customers with an omni-channel journey.
- Digital Product catalogue
- Digital Customer interaction & experience
- Digital payments

End-to-End Automation of Service Manipulation, Orchestration & Charging

Full automation right from order capture up till activation and charging

 -Automatic service Fulfillment, Assurance, and billing processes, without human interventions or manual works

 -Streamlines operations, reduce manual errors, and improves overall efficiency


Can easily scale up to handle increased traffic, subscribers, and network elements without significant disruptions.

Integration and Interoperability

Integrates seamlessly with existing systems and other third-party software, facilitating interoperability and data exchange.


Simplified customer management

Omni-channel Experience, 360° View, Fast Onboarding, Customized Packages.

Fast Service Ideas to Launch

No-code/low-code, ready integration templates, UPC, quick launching package with rich OOTB features

Digital Transformation Enablement

Generic Architecture, Technology Agnostic, Open APIs