Corporate Social Responsibility

Striving responsibly to serve as pillars in the industry with integrity and sustainability.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to social responsibility and to be a relevant driver of positive change and continuous innovation. Our business practices emphasize on establishing and maintaining trust, transparency, and integrity.

Investing in Communities

Because our people are our most valuable asset, our technology, expertise, attitude and resources are leveraged to reflect our commitment to make a positive impact and contribution to the communities where our employees, customers and partners operate.

We prioritize local employment of nationals in our areas of operations while recognizing skills and qualifications.

Environmental Mission

As part of our environmental responsibility, we deploy corporate environmental programs to raise, our team’s consciousness about their responsibilities towards green environment sustainability and the necessary precautions that help reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Operating Responsibly

Vanrise is an equal opportunity employer, and this commitment is reflected in our employment and hiring practices. We fight discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color, gender, age, or physical impairment, without any compromise on skills, characters and competencies.

Furthermore, Vanrise is committed to establishing diversity and respects cultural differences, across all teams, in its workplace. Valuing diversity allows us to leverage the rich differences within our teams to better serve our increasing global clients. We adopt transparency throughout the company and encourage employees to exchange information, shaping their initiatives and company strategies through their experience and feedback.

Vanrise Academy

In its continuous quest for capacity and team building, Vanrise established an academy to support fresh graduates and software development professionals, who are seeking training, coaching, and employment.

The academy aims to provide young professionals the needed technical tutoring and guidance, within multiple technical areas, to pursue professional careers in the telecom field. This enables us to give back to our community by empowering young professionals to join our team and pursue a professional career.