Traffic and Revenue Monitoring for Taxation Assurance

Harness the power of transparency and data-driven decisions to boost revenue and drive economic growth.

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The absence of control measures in the telecom market results in revenue losses in millions of dollars on yearly basis. This is due to the discrepancy between the declaration of CSPs, and the actual traffic volume.

Designed for telecom regulators and ministries of finance, TRACE, our innovative RegTech solution, ensures accurate tax collection, real-time data insights, and proactive fraud detection. The aim of the solution is to implement transparency over CSPs’ traffic size and revenue streams, minimizing revenue leakage and ensuring tax compliance.

Benefits and Features

360° insight into all Communication Service Providers (CSPs) Traffic and Revenue

Deep dive into traffic and revenue figures by collecting and processing raw and billed xDRs that will provide a complete visibility on the CSPs’ activities with:

  • A 5-level categorization of traffic and revenues.
  • An insight into the CSPs’ wholesale and retail revenue.
  • Integration of inbound and outbound roaming traffic and revenue.
  • Integration of deferred and actual revenue.

Traffic and Revenue KPIs

Near real-time display of traffic and revenue KPIs for a better insight into the national telecom market’s dynamics:

  • Segmented active subscriber base.
  • Segmented ARPU.
  • Segmented MoU.
  • ACD.

CSPs’ Revenue Declaration Validation

Reconstitution and validation of CSPs’ revenue declaration based on collected xDRs:

  • Collection and integration of the CSPs’ monthly revenue declaration.
  • Reconstitution of the declaration using collected xDRs.
  • Comparison and reporting of the differences.

Compliance in Tax Collection

Regulatory tax generation for collection, based on processed xDRs:

  • Calculation of the telecom regulatory tax based on the country’s telecom law and regulations, and on the reconstituted CSPs' revenue.
  • Generation of the official telecom regulatory tax invoice per CSPs.

Report on State Taxes

Generation of reports on other direct and indirect state taxes derived from collected xDRs:

  • Possibility to integrate/calculate direct and indirect taxes (VAT, etc.).
  • Possibility of developing a full financial module for other national regulators' taxes.

Anomaly Detection for Traffic and Revenue KPIs

Automated anomaly detection using machine learning and AI, for traffic and revenue KPIs using, among others:

  • Trend analysis and deviation.
  • Forecast estimations and comparison.
  • Alarm generation in case of deviation threshold bypass.

Dynamic Display of Traffic KPIs on GIS Map

Display of circuit and packet-switched traffic KPIs on GIS map:

  • At the national level.
  • Per province.
  • Per territory
  • At the street level