Signaling Probes

Unleash the power of signaling-data extraction, to stay ahead in the data-driven telecom landscape with seamless extraction and valuable insights for smarter decision-making.

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Vanrise's Signaling Probe is an advanced network extraction solution, designed to operate in a passive mode, to collect in real-time, the signaling messages of voice, SMS, and data services running across CS/PS networks. Tailored for fixed operators, mobile operators, and telecom regulators, our solution efficiently captures Call Detail Records (CDRs) and Internet Protocol Detail Records (IPDRs) from signaling links, to leverage them in several applications and use cases.


Superior Data Accuracy

Ensures the accuracy and reliability of CDR and IPDR data for precise billing, network analysis, and reduced revenue leakage.

Data-Driven Decisions

Empowers operators with data-driven insights for informed decision-making, resource optimization, and network management.

Revenue Assurance

Assure telecom revenues by auditing billing information and enforcing accurate revenue declarations by operators.

Real-Time Insights

Immediate access and analysis of real-time data, allowing operators to respond promptly to network issues and performance irregularities.

Network Performance Optimization

Helps optimize network performance by analyzing IPDR data, identifying issues impacting service quality and user experience, and applying network improvements and upgrades as needed.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

A real-time detection and elimination of various telecom fraud types such as, Wangiri, PBX-hacking, call spoofing, bypass fraud, IRSF fraud, and others, to protect networks, increase revenues, and enhance subscribers’ experience.

Operational Efficiency

Streamlines data extraction and processing, to reduce manual intervention efforts and operational costs.

Regulatory & Standards’ Compliance

The solution ensures compliance with industry regulations and standards, and adherence to telecom regulators’ QoS/QoE guidelines, for the sake of reducing legal and operational risks, and achieving accurate subscriber billing and consumer SLA protection.

Integration Capabilities & Scalability

The solution embraces an open architecture for seamless Integration with existing network and operational subsystems (OSS/BSS), to automate data exchange and analysis. The solution accommodates for growing data volumes and network expansions.


Signaling Link Extraction

The ability to efficiently extract Call Detail Records (CDRs) and Internet Protocol Detail Records (IPDRs) from signaling links, ensuring data accuracy and reliability.

Multi-purpose Extraction

Signaling and media content splitting is supported.

Real-Time Monitoring

Continuous real-time monitoring of signaling links, allowing immediate data capture and analysis, as well as identifying low-performing and faulty network elements.

Data Processing

Robust data processing capabilities to convert and format the extracted data, into File, SQL, and Big Data storage types, for analysis and reporting purposes.

Customizable Data Capture

Flexibility to customize data extraction parameters to suit specific operator requirements and network configurations, such as QoS counters that provide visibility of the core network status, dynamic ready-to-use xDRs, pcap files and others.