Network Inventory Management

Unparalleled level of control and efficiency in network management.

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Network Inventory Management (V-NIM) is an open architecture system that maintains an up-to-date unified, repository and presentation, of physical, logical, or virtual resources. With real-time visibility, automated documentation, and resource optimization, it empowers CSPs to ensure network reliability, reduce operational costs, and deliver high-quality services.

Benefits and Features

A Full-fledge Network Inventory Mgmt Solution

Enabling automated E2E order feasibility and fulfillment capabilities within complicated network topologies.

Design & Assign

With a flexible, generic, and dynamic module for managing, designing, and assigning resources across all network layers.

Support of Various Network Types

Whether it's passive or active equipment, at the core, transmission, or access level, within a mobile, fixed, or converged network, all aspects of network infrastructure are covered.

Central & Unified Repository

A central repository, consolidating the storage, manipulation, integrity, and automation, of all data & and processes related to different types of network resources, that helps CSPs avoid manual and multi-handling on multi-islands of systems.

360° Multi-Level Visibility of Logical & Physical Resources

A real-time 360° visibility of all network resources' availability, status, alerts and discrepancies, is necessary to maintain healthy network operations.

Standard OOTB Open APIs

Facilitating quick integrations, with order fulfillment and network systems, for an E2E automated process, reduced integration cost, and enhanced TTM.

Network Synchronization

 Enabling synchronization of network resources using the auto-discovery and reconciliation processes.

Network Visualization

Providing a comprehensive overview of the network visualization and presentation.