Voucher Management

A user-friendly, secure, and cost-efficient voucher management system, with advanced capabilities to unlock new revenue streams and enhance customer engagement.

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Voucher Management (V-VoMS) simplifies and speeds up the E2E supply chain processes of both, physical and electronic vouchers, in order to assure vouchers' availability in the market and sustain CSPs' revenue streams. The system has versatile pricing models and promotional strategies that empower CSPs to offer prepaid services, attract and retain customers, and drive targeted marketing campaigns.

It's the engine behind monetization, cost control, and operational efficiency, propelling CSPs to new heights in the competitive telecommunications landscape covering all voucher lifecycle management operational processes, from voucher profiles management to files' generation, printing, receiving, loading, testing, activating and manipulating.

Benefits and Features

Portfolios Management

This is about full management of various vouchers' portfolios with different specifications like Prepaid calling vouchers, Internet Top-up, International Top-up, GSM Top-up, Public WiFi, and Money Vouchers.

Advanced Voucher's Profile Configuration

A dynamic configuration capability to easily generate voucher cards, one-by-one or in batches, with various configuration criteria like, serial number and pin code patterns, voucher lifecycle, validity period (time-based or end-of-day-based options), amount, and currency.

360° Tracking of Vouchers

Providing close monitoring and updated voucher status, throughout its lifecycle, right from the generation, up to dealer distribution, selling, archiving, and after-sales management.

Open but Secure

Availing quick and open integrations with other systems, using its OOTB open APIs, while being equipped with tight security measures related to integration APIs and encrypted vouchers' information. The system also provides secure and controlled user permissions and privileges management linked with the proper user actions.

Reporting & Analytics

Advanced reporting and analytics on all vouchers’ data, with customization capabilities, according to the needed dimensions, measures and aggregations.