Enabling CSPs to manage revenue, promote financial stability, enhance customer satisfaction, and adapt to changing market dynamics and customer demands. It streamlines billing operations for a wide portfolio of innovative digital services and partner verticals, with complex rating schemas and flexible business models (B2C, B2B, B2B2X).

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Vanrise Billing is a convergent billing system that produces accurate and consolidated bills of different billing types (Cycle, On Demand, etc.), for different customer types (Postpaid, Prepaid, Hybrid), with advanced and highly configurable rating, discounting, taxation, payment handling and bill formatting features.

Benefits and Features

A Fully Convergent Billing

Multiple products & services, from multiple verticals/partners, are accurately billed and consolidated into a single customer invoice, by a single billing system, thus reducing TCO of multiple billing systems & improving end-customer experience.

Billing Flexibility and Accuracy

Various billing models, including prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid plans, allowing CSPs to cater for a wide range of customer preferences, ensuring precise billing and revenue tracking, minimizing revenue leakage and enhancing the financial stability of the CSP.

Multiple Types of Billing

Whether cyclic billing or On-demand Billing or a mix of both, the solution supports complex pricing and rating strategies, including dynamic pricing and discounts, to attract and retain customers.

Revenue Assurance and Transparency

It helps CSPs identifying and resolving discrepancies in billing processes, minimizing revenue loss, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction, and reducing billing disputes and customer churn.

Automated E2E AR Life Cycle

To help reduce your Days Sales Outstanding and bad debt, while enhancing your cash flow streams, through automated invoice generation and distribution, advanced GL Mgt., automated credit and risk management & enabled digital payment channels.

Dynamic Bill Formatting

To ensure a satisfying customer experience, a consolidated bill for multiple services should be friendly, simple, well-formatted, and even personalized with advertising messages.

Advanced and Highly Configurable Product Catalogue

In an aggressive market, time-to-market for new products & services is not a concern anymore, when reduced from weeks/months to a few hours/days, by leveraging our billing's dynamic & configurable product catalogue.

Open APIs Architecture

To shorten TTM and enable fast integrations with existing software like CRM & OCS, CSPs can utilize a rich set of predefined standard APIs.