Middleware and Orchestration Management

A powerful open service orchestrator manager that transforms multiple divergent integration touch points, of unconnected systems and verticals, into a convergent E2E process.

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V-SOM is an intermediate workflow executor and connector between different system components, that orchestrates process execution to provide an automated seamless flow. It is a highly configurable low-code/no-code Enterprise Service Bus and Business Integration enabler, that empowers CSPs to deploy innovative products and services, by fulfilling complex end-2-end business processes with sophisticated business rules, across multiple internal and external systems, swiftly and easily, thus, reducing CTI (Cost to Integrate), and TTM (Time to Market).

Benefits and Features

Friendly Customizable UI

The system is user-friendly and adaptive, offering a visual designer, GUI configuration and customization, leading to improved user experience, quick learning curve, and better user engagement.

Smart Orchestration

Embracing advanced workflow execution capabilities, with complex business rules & rollback actions, while applying instance synchronization that avoids simultaneous execution of conflicting instances.

Dynamic Workflow Management

The dynamicity of the Workflows and Business Process modeling improves the visibility and agility of complicated business logic.

Powerful, Scalable & Reliable

Capable of efficiently running numerous instances and nodes, either sequentially or in parallel, individually or in bulk. It can also be easily scaled to accommodate increased execution volumes, ensuring high reliability with its Active-Active redundancy and automatic failover capabilities. 

Open, Dynamic & Secure

Facilitating quick open integrations with other systems, using standard protocols and technologies, the system is also equipped with flexible and secure tools for protocol transcoding and transaction routing, as well as the creation and exposure of dynamic APIs.