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About Us

Founded by a dynamic team of telecom entrepreneurs with a focus on facilitating and managing essential operational aspects, Vanrise has established itself as a trusted provider and partner of telecom turnkey solutions to numerous entities in the telecommunications field.

Leveraging on its experience, Vanrise has successfully developed comprehensive telecom solutions for a wide range of global clients, including Mobile and Fixed-Line Operators, Governments, Telecom Regulators, Wholesale Carriers, and Digital/ Multimedia Service Providers . These solutions have been implemented in various continents including Europe, Africa, and Asia with an eye on the Americas.

The company's primary goal is to offer products and solutions that adhere to the industry's global standards and best practices like ITU & TM Forum's eTOM, SID, TAM, and OpenAPIs, enabling telcos to automate their core business operations, enhance their business agility, and ultimately achieve increased revenues and profit margins which allows for smooth digital transformations and strategic goals achievement.

With dedication to excellence, Vanrise continues to innovate and evolve at the same pace of the fast-changing telecom industry, providing top-quality solutions that embrace the latest trends and facilitate efficient and effective telecommunications operations for its clients worldwide.

Our Executives

Jamal Anouti


Sari Mansour


Mohamad Yahya


Our Vision

To contribute to the world of telecom and become the best choice for CSPs & Partners with our innovative solutions

Our Mission

To build and sustain a creative team that is committed to the excellence and innovation of our solutions’ portfolio and customers’ success



Vanrise empowers software-savvy people to innovate, shape their future and achieve success in the telecom industry. Our corporate culture represents the common values and principles that guide our actions and striving towards our objectives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Vanrise positions social responsibility at the core of its culture and our corporate objective is to maintain sustainability through the collaborative bonding of technology, talents, and ecosystem.

Our Customers

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