Ogero Launches “T.One”, the Fingerprint of Vanrise Solutions

Vanrise has successfully implemented the national and international interconnect billing system for Ogero, the engine of the Ministry of Telecom in Lebanon. 

With T.One in place, Ogero benefits from the advanced features which set a firm ground for achieving business agility, flexibility, exceptional user experience, advanced business intelligence, scalability and smooth integration with third party systems. The implementation covers voice and data traffic and will assist Ogero in improving its profit margins through revenue loss prevention as a result of the automatic tariff management, automated routing, advanced cost analysis, and improved financial settlements with local and international players. And aside from the numerous features of T.One, the project includes the seamless integration with Ericsson’s retail solution including mediation and CRM components. 

Since the project’s kick-off, Vanrise has relentlessly worked on the complete and timely delivery of the project. T.One system is now live and smoothly running, and the successful results are a conclusive evidence of how T.One supports Ogero’s objectives in streamlining its operations with better visibility over its traffic and increasing its revenues, which will directly impact the quality of service for much happier customers.

 Press here and visit the press launched by Ogero


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