Vanrise’s Wholesale Billing and Routing Solution (T.One) is a web-based platform enabling wholesale ministries, operators, and carriers manage all the facets of their day-to-day operations.

The solution functions as a unified platform that brings cohesion and delivers exceptional results across NOC, technical, billing, routing, account management and top management teams, allowing them to focus on strategic business maneuvers and smart decisions. Moreover, T.One provides the agility, scalability and ability to fit the requirements and technical needs of carriers of all sizes; it is exclusively tailored to the needs of Tier-1 wholesale carriers and operators; yet, it can also be cross-integrated with class 5 billing systems.

Built on generic data configuration model, T.One allows for full and straight-forward customization from A-Z for the business and traffic analytics modules including:

  • Data source configuration allowing any source/type of data
  • Mapping and data normalization rules
  • Entities definitions
  • Easy table customization as per the business rules of the client
  • Menu and page management
  • Analytical reporting management

The solution is rich in features including a Wholesale Prepaid/Postpaid Credit Limit Management and Control, Deals Management, Multi-Tenancy, and a fully-featured mobile app for iOS and Android.

T.One can be smoothly integrated with any third-party system such as external routing systems supporting RADIUS or SIP Redirect, billing and accounting systems, and CRM and ERP systems.

With T.One’s powerful CDR mediation tools, and regardless of the complexity of the carrier’s switching network, locations, and brands, all traffic data are unified in one format and in near real-time under one platform with the following set of unique key features complying with international standards business rules and constraints:

  • Powerful parsing of CDRs as per the customized mapping of CDR fields
  • Unified CDR management for producing billing and quality data across all switches, handling over 4000 CDRs/sec per mediation engine
  • Support for all switch types, CDR sources, and CDR record formats at Import & Export levels
  • Smart multi-tier communication with separate and/or interconnected switches

Knowing how complex and detail-oriented this aspect of the telecom business is, the rate and dial code management module automates the day-to-day tasks of account managers and the billing team, providing them with powerful alerting and error-detection tools. This module features the following:

  • Full management of carrier profiles and accounts
  • Automated currency exchange rates management
  • Ability to define multiple sales products as the business requires
  • Automated import & verification of rates
  • Tracking suppliers’ code changes for sales codes updates
  • Enhanced sales rate management per sales product or per customer respecting the defined routing products (rate and quality considerations) allowing for revenue assurance
  • Powerful automated alerts to minimize tedious day-to-day tasks and mistakes
  • Complete history tracking for zones, codes and rates
  • Sale pricing and margin control based on predefined templates
  • Automated rate sheet creation and dispatch for multiple customers in one click

With T.One’s Routing Engine, unified routing across an interconnected network is an easy and streamlined process based on codes, rates, quality, swap deals, volume commitments or a percentage combination of any  of the aforementioned. T.One routing respects the below hierarchy:

  • Routing by product is the default routing which represents the routing product’s rules of the Rate Planning module upon which the selling offers are planned.
  • Following the default routing by product, the routing options can be modified as per the below types:
    • Routing by Customer which defines the routing for a specific customer or a group of   customers
    • Routing by Sale Zone which defines the routing for a specific sale zone, a set of sale zones, all sale zones and/or excluding a set of sale zones or codes
    • Routing by Code which defines the routing for a specific code or a set of codes

T.One is powered by a fast routing engine with an average routing generation speed of 100K routes/sec/server node (with an assumption of 6 suppliers/route).

T.One provides a real-time Billing and Revenue Management module with the following features:

  • Smart margin control with an approval management cycle
  • Dispute handling down to CDR level
  • Reprocessing with rollback ability to any point in time
  • Availability of bridging or API integration with accounting or other third-party systems
  • Variation reports enabling better decision making and enhanced revenue assurance
  • Very fast pricing with an average speed of 20,000 calls/sec/server node
  • Automated and customized customer invoicing process respecting existing deals and volume commitments
  • Exports to Excel, CSV, and PDF formats

Quality is a powerful metric in the telco world and can play against voice service providers if not well-serviced. This is why it’s crucial to monitor the quality of calls across all destinations through all partner suppliers to decide upon future agreements and any need for network expansion. T.One provides an advanced Quality Monitoring module for traffic analytics with the below capabilities:

  • Generation of customized drill-down and time-based reports respecting a variety of defined KPIs such as Attempts, Duration, ASR, NER, ACD, PDD, PGAD, ABR, and ASR
  • Presentation of customized widgets based on the selected dimensions and measures
  • Alert generation based on defined KPI thresholds
Key Features and Benefits
  • Enhanced revenue assurance
  • Maximized team coordination across all operational units through the unified solution platform
  • Real-time management of all activities
  • Proactive management and monitoring of business threats
  • Full customization and automation of alerts and actions
  • Flexible and fully-customized configuration to adapt with the changing business needs
  • Intelligent routing algorithms considering rate, quality, deals, and other factorsـ
  • Access to near real-time business intelligence reporting
  • Maintained data integrity through RAID configuration of disks and scheduled full database backups

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