MTC Namibia Upgrades its Current T.One

Following the successful implementation and seamless operation of T.One, MTC Namibia has upgraded its current T.One to benefit from the improved features and functionalities bestowed by T.One V2.

The newest version of T.One, our turnkey wholesale interconnect system, is a major evolution of the system translating our Vanrise in aligning with the technological advancements and latest market needs. The result is a dynamic solution which provides ease of customization based on the Generic Model deployed, in addition to a robust architecture that can be easily scaled in alignment with the business growth. The enhanced features improve the client’s visibility over traffic and routes, handing the keys to smart business decisions and strengthened control over various telecom business operations.

The migration to T.One V2 took 4 weeks after which MTC Namibia went live with the deployment. MTC Namibia’s teams have smoothly begun working on the new platform and have already started experiencing the prominent advantages of the latest version.

Vanrise is proud of its partnership with MTC Namibia and is constantly looking for new avenues of collaboration together.


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