Telcos in the Digital Partnership Era: Leaving a Legacy

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Telcos in the Digital Partnership Era: Leaving a Legacy

It's not improper to leave a legacy because it frequently indicates that something significant was accomplished. However, the word legacy relates to a past accomplishment and is not forward-looking. It's time for businesses in the telecommunications sector to focus on the future, which calls for getting rid of outdated technologies.

Network slicing, hyper-scalability, and edge computing are new problems brought on by innovations like 5G, IoT, and cloud. With other use cases like AR games, driverless vehicles, and smart cities, as well as significant revenue potential from monetizing new B2B2X business models, these technologies also bring several new opportunities.
Various parties will unite to form a vast, developing digital ecosystem in this brand-new, paradigm-shifting innovation.

In response, CSPs are attempting to go beyond connectivity by providing their clients with a range of value-added services. Unfortunately, out-of-date and compartmentalized legacy technologies will prevent CSPs from maximizing the potential of this partner ecosystem.

In the age of digital collaborations, telcos can position themselves for success in several ways:

  • Create a framework that can accommodate digital partnerships— Companies must ensure that their systems are integrated for the partner ecosystem to run successfully. Infrastructure had evolved significantly from the time when systems required periodic replacement. The systems of today need updates at least every three months, if not every day. Telecoms may quickly and easily deploy changes without human work using cloud and SaaS solutions. A robust and long-lasting alliance requires the capacity to work with other firms' clouds.
  • For 5G to succeed, telcos must work with familiar and unfamiliar parties, such as other telcos, cloud providers, and integrated software vendors (ISVs). An active and cooperative ecosystem is necessary for success in the 5G era to foster innovation and yield fruitful results. Both the ecology and its inhabitants grow and prosper.
  • Accept the diversity of business models- when it comes to business models, many firms are at a bit of a crossroads. According to Gartner, more than half of boards of directors expect a shift in their organization’s business model, and around 70% of boards of directors have expedited their digital business initiatives. While some will cut costs right away to keep clients, others will invest in cutting-edge digital services to draw in new ones, while others may choose a hybrid approach. Choosing the best business strategy will pay off in the long run.

CSPs will require agility and scalability to carry out this extensive and fundamental change. Legacy systems, however, are unable to keep up. CSPs must depart from legacy and embrace digital transformation to succeed in the 5G era.

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