Vanrise Teams Up with SAS to Support Telecom Operators in the Fraud Management Domain

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Vanrise Teams Up with SAS to Support Telecom Operators in the Fraud Management Domain

  • Adhering to the international telecom regulations
  • Protecting their networks, subscribers, and revenues from the continuously evolving fraudulent behaviors

Vanrise is glad to announce its valued newly established partnership with SAS, the international AI and Analytics Platform Provider, to jointly launch a solid offering in a key domain: telecom fraud.

Vanrise’s immense experience in fighting telecom fraud, coupled with its rule-based Data Analysis System, along with the analytics and the advanced case management capabilities of SAS’s AI platform, presents a competitive market proposition for telcos struggling with telecom fraud.

The joint proposition comes to unify, under a single integrated offering, robust and intelligent strategies for real-time fraud detection, with the capabilities to identify, on the fly, new fraudulent patterns while continuously optimizing the detection mechanism of known patterns, and act upon the fraudulent findings with real-time prevention mechanisms enabled through direct integration with the telcos’ network elements.

“Our partnership with SAS is a strategic one as it allows us both to leverage on each other’s strengths. We are happy and proud for having SAS on our side aiming to raise our services in the telecom sector up another notch.” says Jamal Anouti, Vanrise’s CEO.

Elie Mikhael, Regional Channel and Alliance Management Director, CEMEA at SAS, said “We are glad to have found a visionary brand like Vanrise whose vision closely aligns with our goal to engage, enable, and empower the telecom industry with AI and Analytics driven intelligence; delivering service excellence to the customer at the right time in the right place requires collaboration with the right partner.”

In the partnership track, Vanrise and SAS complement their offerings to help telcos adhere to the international telecom regulations, protecting their networks, subscribers and revenues from the continuously evolving fraudulent behaviors. 

Both entities look for a successful collaboration to reap together the benefits in alignment with their common mission to help CSPs rely on a fully-automated solution. The aim is to stay proactive in such a fast-paced world with emerging new fraudster behaviors, and build an impenetrable shield against any type of telecom fraud.