Enhancing the Digital Experience with Agility and Innovation

CSPs require a digital-native OSS/BSS foundation as they roll out 5G, cloud, and other technologies to provide new business value, enable organizational growth, and provide creative monetization scenarios.

CSPs all over the world are becoming more digital. Service providers are now seeking methods to seize new development opportunities due to significant expenditures in 5G and other sectors like FTTX and the cloud. Exploring new 5G monetization strategies can help businesses expand into B2B and vertical industries more profoundly and improve consumer experiences. But only a network that supports an extensive partner ecosystem that is open, agile, affordable, and highly secure can sustain that expansion.

Vanrise Solutions

Vanrise has developed into a market leader in providing integrated telecom solutions for mobile and fixed-line operators, telecom ministries, telecom regulators, wholesale carriers, and retail providers in OSS/BSS, Interconnect & Roaming, Revenue Assurance, Fraud Management, and Network Monitoring. Additionally, Vanrise has participated in large projects that have enabled it to execute its solutions for telecom companies across the African, Asian, and European continents and supported its successful growth.

We strive to provide goods that adhere to TM Forum’s best practices, which include eTOM, SID, TAM, and Open APIs. With the support of its global network of partners and resellers, Vanrise is proud to have completed successfully numerous sizeable installations. Vanrise’s dynamic team is closely collaborating with clients to empower their organizations with agile tools and services, managing all of their essential operations and freeing them up to reinvent their businesses and their approach to strategic business development in a sector driven by constant change.

Mainly, Vanrise’s OSS/BSS complete solution plays a significant role in translating Vanrise’s vision and the distinctive value it intends to offer to its clients because it offers unmatched flexibility, seamless service orchestration among the various platform components, and rapid time-to-market, enabling operators to easily create, deliver, and monetize innovative new services that translate their expansion strategy and growth roadmap.

Below are the top fundamental pillars of Vanrise Solutions that support CSPs’ development and agility in generating new business value.

Building Blocks for the Future

With Vanrise Solutions, CSPs can become more integral to their customers’ digital lifestyles, boost their relevancy in enterprise and vertical markets, and generate new value. These advantages will assist service providers in standing out from the competition and position them for future success in today’s highly competitive market.

Experiential Immersion

Even while CSPs have been emphasizing customer experience and loyalty more and more, really differentiating engagement strategies are still uncommon. Through digital-first consumer engagements across channels, gamification and loyalty management, anyplace intelligent workplaces, and hyper-

personalized, real-time recommendations, Vanrise Solutions offer the building blocks to create immersive digital experiences.

Services for Digital Transformation

With increased proficiency in Agile, DevOps, multi-cloud, and SaaS, joint and customer-led development for self-sufficiency, secure, AI-driven digital operations, and quick solution onboarding and scaling, Vanrise Solutions helps CSPs accelerate their digitalization initiatives.

Modern Monetization

With unique digital offerings and network slices, CSPs require new strategies for generating revenue from their relationships and network. Vanrise Solutions offers a convergent charging engine that complies with 3GPP, slice-as-a-service monetization, multi-partner B2B2X settlement, and revenue management as a service to accomplish this.

Advanced Automation

Vanrise Solutions’ self-learning, reasoning, and adaption of control loops to enable self-management and zero-touch will allow CSPs to move beyond process automation to a new level of intelligent automation. E2E operations automation, fully autonomous domains, intent-driven, cross-domain orchestration, and AIOps for self-learning and zero-touch are some of the critical features of intelligent automation.


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