Vanrise’s Voucher Management System (V-VoMS) provides Operators with simple, fast, user-friendly and cost-efficient voucher management capabilities, covering all necessary operations within the voucher lifecycle from voucher generation, to ordering, receiving, testing, activating, and manipulation.

V-VoMS simplifies and speeds up the supply chain processes of both, traditional physical vouchers and electronic vouchers thus, reducing Time-To-Market and enhancing vouchers’ availability in the market.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Full management of various product portfolios with different specifications like Prepaid calling vouchers, Internet Top-up, International Top-up, GSM Top-up, Public WiFi, and Money Vouchers.
  • Easy generation of voucher cards (single or in batches) including the definition of serial number and pin code patterns, voucher lifecycle, validity period (time-based or End of day-based options), amount, and currency.
  • Secure exporting of encrypted voucher files for factory printing.
  • Up-to-date tracking of the vouchers’ printing process by flagging vouchers’ statuses to “under printing” and “received”.
  • Setup tracking of vouchers’ distribution among dealers.
  • Assured adoption of open APIs for pre-defined integrations with third-party systems such as the OCS, Public WiFi, and other components that are involved in the voucher manipulation processes.Powerful and secured encryption of vouchers’ information.
  • Ability to test vouchers before availing them in the market.
  • Detailed user permission management for user actions like: generation, export, sending to printing, printing confirmation and type designation.Automatic archiving of expired and consumed vouchers.
  • Advanced reporting and analytics on vouchers’ data, with customization capabilities according to the needed dimensions, measures and aggregations.
  • Other enhanced voucher manipulation features like:
    • Extending the expiry (validity) date on the level of vouchers and batches.
    • Blocking, unblocking, stopping, and unstopping of vouchers, while specifying the related reason such as suspicious fraudulent activity, stolen card, damaged card or other.
    • Tracking of vouchers’ data integrity and user activities.

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