Vanrise’s Service Orchestration Manager (V-SOM) operates as an intermediate workflow executor and connector between different system components. It executes orders initiated by any upstream customer interaction channel towards any other downstream systems in a transactional methodology with intervention and rollback capability.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Visual Designer/ GUI configuration and customization
  • Business and Technical Tracking
  • Machine and human workflows support
  • Workforce management (assignable to one User and group of Users)
  • Business rules handling and Instance Synchronization (postpone instance if another conflicting instance is currently running)
  • Orders Orchestration
  • Dynamic creation and exposure of customized and configured Rest APIs
  • Workflow initiation and interaction via Rest APIs
  • Unlimited workflow execution capabilities (Business logic, system integration, rollback actions, etc.)
  • Advanced bulk execution capabilities from the UI, from files (Excel files, flat files), from databases, or via APIs
  • Scheduler service (run workflows based on a timer)
  • Scalable Runtime (scaled to support a huge number of instances & nodes)
  • Active-Active redundancy and Automatic Failover using any of the active runtimes
  • Parallel Processing
  • Advanced Security Model
  • Dynamic integration points configuration using Standard protocols and technologies
  • Email notification with support for customizable email templates and instance events (workflow started, completed, failed)

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