Vanrise’s Mediation (V-Mediator) is a dynamic mediation system that enables parsing and processing of any CDR/EDR/UDR, based on a dynamic set of rules and conditions and is used to convert a range of xDRs from proprietary formats into a normalized form which can be analyzed and imported into the billing system.

The CDR/EDR/UDR mediator consolidates mediation into a single, high-performance, highly scalable, and highly configurable system. Utilizing a rule-based engine and a multi-threaded architecture, V-Mediator enables the capture of network events which are collected, validated, and converted into an understandable format used by the billing system.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Online (IMS Prepaid and Postpaid online charging) and Offline Mediation
  • Automatic near real-time Import
  • Multi-threaded architecture
  • Browser based configuration
  • Rule-based configuration capabilities
  • Automatic/near real-time import
  • Superior accuracy, performance, throughput, and assurance
  • Reports and dashboards for monitoring
  • Rule-based configuration capabilities to securely distribute switch files and transmit them in near real-time or batch to designated ARPs (Authorized Receipt Points)
  • Plug and Play capabilities for optional formatting/reformatting requirements
  • Archiving, back-up, and recovery
  • Automated monitoring and alerts

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