Vanrise’s Customer Relationship Management (V-CRM) provides a fully integrated suite of functions allowing sales and customer service staff to manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle efficiently from initial contact to sales, post-sales, and problem management. It provides an omni-channel customer experience by enabling high-quality and consistent customer service across all customer interaction channels.

V-CRM’s user-friendliness enables operators to build unique and personalized customer relations as well as quick TTM, by simplifying order capturing, customer information manager (customer 360 degree), problem handling, and customers’ inquiries.

Key Features and Benefits
  • Fully customizable 360-degree view of accounts
  • User-defined, configurable, and customizable fields, entities, lookups, and actions
  • Customer data categorization and tagging for including in and excluding from configured actions
  • Relations configuration between an account hierarchy and other account hierarchies/system entities
  • Custom business process and escalation levels
  • Advanced search, filtering, and sorting capabilities
  • Dynamic customer grouping and sub-grouping
  • Open APIs integration with other customer interaction channels
  • Multiple types of case management, each of which has its own behavior (e.g. technical complaint, administrative complaint, etc.)
  • Dynamic Case Management SLA, escalations, and notification
  • Business Process Management allowing for the easy follow-up on activities and enabling authorized users to track cases in a predefined work cycle
  • Order Management with a unified platform with extended functions for interaction and integration with other systems using web services
  • Workforce Management for connecting field technicians and sales teams
  • BI Analytics platform with real-time data updates
  • Technical and commercial Catalog Management
  • Use of latest web technologies rendering responsively on a variety of devices and screen sizes

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