Vanrise’s Provisioning System (V-Activator) is a  highly configurable provisioning system that supports seamless online/offline provisioning, individually or in bulk, of different types of services on multiple network elements and downstream systems, through multiple protocols and interfaces.

V-Activator is the last-mile link between the OSS/BSS layer and the technology plane, that is managing services’ provisioning manipulation, while assuring data integrity among all systems in stake. It has the final impact in assuring the fast and accurate order-to-fulfillment processes, by leveraging its predefined integration facilities with various southbound systems, thus, giving operators the advantage of short TTM for new and customized products and services.

Key Features and Benefits:
  • Open architecture
  • Highly configurable
  • Predefined standard integration protocols’ library
  • Easy integration with upstream and downstream systems by means of open APIs (TM Forum standards)
  • Online & Offline Provisioning
  • Single and bulk Provisioning
  • Synchronous and Asynchronous Provisioning
  • Provisioning of E2E network based services within wireline and wireless, physical as well as hybrid networks
  • Mutli activation provisioning supporting multi vendors
  • Resource configuration and activation
  • Provisioning technical catalog
  • Flexible and customizable high performance processing engine
  • Orders’ reprocessing capability
  • Up-to-date tracking and registering of Orders
  • Configurable and customizable GUI
  • Customizable users’ permissions

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