V-BOSS is a scalable platform that can help you grow your telecom business. The solution provides unprecedented flexibility and rapid time-to-market features enabling operators to create, deliver, and monetize new innovative services.

The V-BOSS platform offers friendly-user interfaces ensuring transparency, security, actionable information, and efficient task execution.

Vanrise OSS/BSS solution is divided into the following sub-systems:

  • CRM (V-CRM)
  • Billing (V-Billing)
  • Provisioning (V-Activator)
  • Mediation (V-Mediator)
  • Network Inventory Management (V-NIM)
  • Middleware and Service Orchestration Manager (V-SOM)
  • Service-Agnostic
  • E2E automation of service orders and fulfillment
  • Real-time visibility into customer behavior and trends
  • Fast TTM and easy roll out of new services
  • Supreme Flexibility to manage B2B and B2C segments
  • Cost effectiveness based on resources optimization
  • Real-time service monetization & ease of introducing new revenue streams
  • Flexible business models

V-CRM provides a fully integrated suite of functions allowing sales and customer service staff to manage all aspects of the customer lifecycle efficiently from initial contact to sales, post-sales, and financial management. It helps improve the customer experience by enabling high-quality and consistent customer service across all contact channels.

V-CRM is a user-friendly system dedicated to helping users build unique and personalized customer relations. The power of Vanrise CRM lies in its ability to make life easier for users. Navigating in data is streamlined for easy and fast access, providing superior services and responding promptly to incoming orders and inquiries.

Key Features:

Fully Flexible and customizable:

  • Custom fields: Defining and configuring customizable entities and lookups
  • Customizable and configurable actions
  • Customer data categorization and tagging for including/excluding from configured actions
  • Configuring relations between an account hierarchy and other account hierarchies/system entities
  • Custom business process and escalation levels
  • Advanced search, filtering, and sorting capabilities
  • Dynamic Customer Grouping and Sub-Grouping
  • Defining custom fields and UI for each hierarchy
  • Fully customizable 360 degree view of accounts

Case Management:

  • Multiple types, each of which has its own behavior (e.g. technical complaint, administrative complaint, etc.)
  • Dynamic Case Management SLA, escalations, and notification
  • Business Process Management allowing for the easy follow-up on activities and enabling authorized users to track cases in a predefined work cycle. The workflow system reduces resolution time and quickly turns negative situations into positive ones.

Order Manager is a unified platform with extended functions for interaction and integration with other systems. It can simply integrate with any system using standard web services.

Workforce Management is a platform for connecting field technicians and sales teams. For each type of action or event and depending on the node elements included in the order, the system creates work orders for the technical teams for completing the configurations/cabling or field work. The work orders are executed on a predefined workflow that acts according to preset requirements.

BI Analytics platform - with real-time data updates - that can be accessed from various portals, improving ease of access for a variety of organizational roles and categories supporting a wide range of Telephony and Data Line Actions (subscriptions, contract takeover, deported actions, blocking, termination, activation, reactivation, barring, suspension, change phone number, change XDSL speed, change password, etc.) can be defined for execution in a configured timeframe (Effective Date, End Effective Date).

Integration with V-NIM for reservation and retrieving of network nodes

Catalog Management

  • Technical product catalog
  • Commercial Catalogs

V-CRM GUI is built using the latest technologies that make web pages render well on a variety of devices (PCs, phones, and tablets) and window or screen sizes (responsive design).

Multilingual Support

V-Billing suite is a web-based platform dedicated to operators providing fixed and mobile services. It provisions powerful management of voice, data, and SMS business operations, allowing for the full management of subscribers (residential/corporates & large accounts), credit amounts, product packaging, dynamic rating, and billing.

Key Features:

  • Billing of customers and business partners through one unified platform
  • Renting Module (ISP Renting / CPE)
  • Dynamic and configurable invoice grouping and sorting according to system defined fields
  • Applying billing time promotions and discounts
  • Accounting of postpaid and prepaid charges
  • Dynamic and configurable billing cycles
  • Multiple invoices for a single contract and a single invoice for multiple contracts
  • Split Invoice feature for account and sub-account invoice splitting based on services, amount thresholds, and limits
  • Dynamic Billing Account Hierarchy
  • On Demand and Immediate Billing
  • Dynamic bill format customization handling the bill format, colors, logos, watermarks, text, and multiple templates handling
  • Dynamic and configurable email/SMS templates
  • Notification management
  • Payment responsible feature (account and sub-account levels)
  • Dynamic payment module including selective invoice payment, partial payment, and service payment
  • Configurable rounding strategy
  • Multi-currency handling
  • Flexible taxation
  • Dynamic assignment of OCCS/OTCs at any hierarchical level
  • Dunning processes
  • Installments and installment plans
  • General Ledger supports the design and the maintenance of the industry chart of accounts (with an accounting architecture covering international accounting standards and local ones), supporting customized accounting functions for calculating amounts from invoices, payments, VAT, stamps,and taxes.

V-Activator is a generic and dynamic activation system, that provisions different types of services on multiple network elements, supporting online and offline provisioning.

V-Activator is the central link between the BSS layer and the technology plane for the sake of provisioning all types of services. The product gives operators a competitive edge by reducing the Time-To-Market by enabling rapid launch and activation of new end-user services regardless of technology and vendors.

Its functionality covers various provisioning implementation horizontals including design, execution, and service assurance as well as end-to-end solution verticals stretching from user experience to provisioning. It is modulated in different dimensions, which makes it possible to tailor a solution based on specific provisioning needs.

V-Activator reduces the complexity in the provisioning managing process and ensures highly assured provisioning quality.

V-Mediator is used to convert a range of telecom platforms’ xDRs from their proprietary format into a normalized form which can be analyzed and imported to the billing system.

The CDR/EDR/UDR MEDIATOR consolidates mediation into a single, high-performance, highly scalable, and highly configurable system. Utilizing a rules-based engine and multi-threaded architecture, V-Mediator enables the capture of network events which are collected, validated, and converted into an understandable format used by the billing system.

V-Mediator is a dynamic mediation system that enables parsing and processing of any CDR/EDR/UDR, based on a dynamic set of rules and conditions.

Key Features:

  • Online (IMS Prepaid and Postpaid online charging) and Offline Mediation
  • Automatic near real-time Import
  • Multi-threaded Architecture
  • Browser based configuration
  • Rules-based configuration capabilities Automatic/near real-time Import
  • Superior accuracy, performance, throughput, and assurance
  • Reports and Dashboards for monitoring
  • Rules-based configuration capabilities to securely distribute switch files and transmittals in near real-time or batch to designated ARPs (Authorized Receipt Points)
  • Plug and Play capabilities for optional formatting/reformatting requirements
  • Archiving, back-up, and recovery
  • Automated monitoring and alerts
  • Commitment to on-going compliance

V-NIM (Network inventory Management) stores communications service providers’ network plant assets and resources and is used by engineers to support decisions on resource allocation, configuration changes, and network planning.

V-NIM provides a full-fledged inventory management experience including fulfilling order management needs.

The solution is based on a dynamic product suite which is ready to support a multitude of network types and technologies such as:

  • Copper (Voice & XDSL)
  • Fiber
  • Wireline access (Extreme switches, OLT, and IP/MPLS)
  • Wireless access (WLL, LTE)
  • Broadband access
  • Other

The solution supports your organization efficiently while providing the flexibility needed to handle organizational changes and re-engineering of operational processes or new service demands.

Key Features:

  • Asset Management supporting a multitude of network types (Copper, and Voice & XDSL), Fiber, wireline access (Extreme switches, OLT and IP/MPLS), wireless access (WLL, LTE), broadband access and more.
  • Resource Management (Numbering Management – IP Pool Management)
  • Integration with GIS system
  • Ready APIs for Integration
  • Network Planning and optimization
  • Workforce Management
  • Scalability to properly manage CAPEX and OPEX

V-SOM operates as an intermediate workflow executor and connector between different system components. It executes orders initiated by any upstream customer interaction channel towards any other downstream systems in a transactional methodology with intervention and rollback capability.

Key Features:

  • Visual Designer
  • Scalable Runtime (scaled to support a huge number of instances & nodes)
  • Active-Active redundancy
  • Automatic Failover using any of the active runtimes
  • Parallel Processing
  • Order Orchestration
  • Long Running workflows (persisted in DB)
  • Business and Technical Tracking
  • Machine and human workflows support
  • Workforce management (assignable to one User and group of Users)
  • UI Builder
    • Dynamic tools for building straight-forward scenarios
    • Extensible to include developed editors for supporting advanced scenarios
  • Email notification with support for customizable email templates
  • Business rules handling
  • Dynamic creation and exposure of customized and configured Rest APIs
  • Workflow initiation and interaction via Rest APIs
  • Unlimited workflow execution capabilities (Business logic, system integration, rollback actions, etc.)
  • Advanced technical logic supported by Vanrise Generic Module
  • Registering of external events
  • Advanced capabilities to execute bulk actions selected from UI or from uploaded files such as Excel files, flat files, or database, or via an API call
  • Scheduler service (run workflows based on a timer)
  • Advanced Security Model
  • Instance Synchronization (postpone instance if another conflicting instance is currently running)
  • Ability to subscribe for instance events (workflow started, completed, failed) i.e. to notify administrators
  • Dynamic integration points configuration
  • Standard protocols and technologies for integration
  • Generic creation and exposure of Rest APIs
  • GUI configuration and customization
  • Workflow initiation and interaction via Rest APIs

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