Trace is a fully-fledged platform designed for regulatory authorities to monitor telecom traffic for QoS/QoE and revenue assurance purposes. It provides transparency as an independent source of reporting.

Trace is armed with components that automate the monitoring activities from data collection to processing and data reporting allowing for visibility over the revenues generated by telecom operators and the quality of the services offered.

Trace is composed of the following modules:

Data Extraction

  • Non-intrusive EDRs extraction using “inspkt” probing system for international, local interconnect, on-net links, in addition to KPIs over Air links
  • Direct EDR collection from multiple data sources
  • EDR Mediation
  • EDR processing to generate volumes, billing, and QoS/QoE statistics (ITU/ETSI standards)

Traffic Monitoring

  • Customized live reports and dashboards reflecting traffic figures
  • Alerting engine to detect and notify relevant teams on faulty network KPI’s
  • Ticketing system for incident and case management

Revenue Auditing

  • Volume and revenue audit based on comparative mechanisms for aggregated EDRs
  • Billing reports and dashboards per operator, service, traffic type, and period
  • Multi-level comparison techniques to detect the source of discrepancies
  • Dispute management to track and resolve open cases
  • Unified portal for operators’ declarations

Tax Management

  • Real-time calculation of the regulator’s income per operator
  • Customizable tax rules for flexible regulator income calculation
  • Taxation reports and dashboards per operator, service, traffic type, and period

Subscriber Management

  • Billing verification to ensure accurate service charging by the operators
  • Test call generation to simulate end-to-end call verification
  • Live monitoring and measuring of KPIs for better user experience ensuring customer satisfaction

Fraud Management

  • Test call campaigns originating from many international sources and types (mobile, landline, calling cards, SIP accounts, etc.)
  • Data analysis to detect fraudulent traffic patterns based on a combination of predefined filters
Key Features and Benefits


  • Real-time data management, monitoring and reporting
  • Transparency and accuracy over operators’ volume and revenue declarations
  • Detection of revenue leakage and discrepancies
  • Real-time tracking of operators’ revenues and taxation
  • Improved QoS/QoE
  • Better subscriber experience
  • Subscriber protection
  • Elimination of fraud sources impacting revenues and QoS/QoE
  • Boosted revenues enhancing the ICT sector in general

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