Vanrise’s Partner Relationship Management (PRM) is a real-time web application using state-of-the art technologies with a robust structure that renders it extremely stable and reliable.

It is designed to streamline the operations of the local Interconnect and Roaming traffic and automate the billing activities and partners lifecycle management. The system provides the capability to bill multiple types of services provided by the telecom operator such as Voice, SMS, Data, leased lines or any new service the customer may introduce in the future. Furthermore, PRM simplifies the generation and automatic dispatch of invoices based on configurable settings as well as the reconciliation of the received invoices.

Key Features and Benefits
  • An extensible data model based on generic data architecture supporting any requirement within the Interconnect (local, Roaming, etc.) and partners management fields
  • A single interface for managing multiple data sources with compatible integration protocols, mapping scripts and customized transformation processes
  • 360 degrees view of partners management
  • Hundreds of millions of calls/SMS per day depending on hardware configuration
  • A dynamic and responsive web interface supporting mobile and tablet devices
  • User-defined dynamic dashboards and reporting
  • Configurable and customizable alerting engine
  • Rule-based pricing and normalization tools
  • Rule-based data analysis engine
  • Bridging for smooth integration with third-party systems

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