Vanrise’s International Interconnect Billing Retail Suite (ntegra)

is a web-based platform dedicated to retail providers (IP-Centrex providers, ISPs, and residential/enterprise voice and data providers).

ntegra Retail Suite provisions powerful management of the voice, data, and SMS retail business operations, enabling full management of subscribers, credit amounts, and product packaging and allowing for close monitoring and sound business decisions.

ntegra Retail Suite comprises the following modules:
  • EDR Mediation
  • Policy Control Management
  • Rate & Dial Code Management
  • Subscriber and Credit Limit Management & Control
  • Products & Special Packages Builder
  • White-Labeled Access Portal for Subscribers & Resellers
  • Quality and Profit Reporting
  • Inventory & Resources Management
  • Payment Gateway Management
  • Integration with RADIUS / Diameter and Other Third-Party Systems
Key Features and Benefits:
  • Complete and straight-forward subscriber management
  • Swift processing of EDRs enabling online and offline monitoring and control
  • Highly secured mechanism for utilizing the business resources
  • Granted flexibility and full customization in building any selling product or package
  • Uninterrupted online charging service reflecting directly on credit amounts
  • On-time smart alerting on pre-defined events enabling proactive responses to business threats
  • Secured portal access for subscribers
  • Assured revenues and profits

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