inspkt  Tracer is a real-time inspection and tracing system which allows wholesale carriers to trace calls and store CDRs and pcap files for analysis and troubleshooting purposes.

The system utilizes, inspkt Probe, as a main data source for network signalling messages extraction. Using, inspkt Probe, the system collects in real-time, the signaling messages of the voice services running over the wholesale carrier network and generates CDRs of the exchanged traffic.

  • Monitors and troubleshoots the QoS of SIP VoIP calls
  • Automatically sends pre-agreed upon and predefined live traces via email to the remote engineers without the need to have onsite engineers
  • Deploys a dynamic rule-based engine to create an unlimited number of rules to handle any type of telecom fraud or alert on network issues impacting call attempts and call quality
  • Detects, in real-time, any type of telecom fraud (Wangiri, CLI spoofing, IRSF fraud, etc.)
  • Actively alerts concerned teams about detected fraudulent attempts or degraded voice quality through various mediums (SMS, email, system notification, etc.)
  • Applies automated blocking commands on the network elements pursuant to the identified fraud sources, thus protecting the carrier’s network, revenues and partnerships 
  • Guarantees high quality of voice services offered by or to the interconnected partners
  • Grants CSPs full visibility over voice traffic while investigating billing disputes and other major technical issues
  • Allows engineers to get on-demand traces in real-time
  • Provides a dynamic reporting engine with built-in and ad-hoc reports and live dashboards
  • Incorporates a bridging module for smooth integration with third-party systems

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