inspkt DTS is a complete drive test solution used to monitor and measure the QoE of voice, SMS and data services as well as network coverage at the access network level of mobile operators for both indoor and outdoor scenarios.

The system is used by radio engineers to carry out the drive test mission at the various mobile network sites, allowing to easily identify and troubleshoot problems affecting the service quality and user experience across the tested route.

  • Simulates the customer experience and the generation of measurable QoE KPIs over the voice, SMS and data services
  • Calculates QoE KPIs in real-time for better visibility on the user experience at the different mobile operator’s sites
  • Helps recognize, diagnose and identify low performing and faulty cells
  • Eases the troubleshooting, investigation and maintenance in response to any drop in the QoE levels
  • Operates in either online or offline mode
  • Provides a GIS map for the tested route
  • Offers dynamic reports and live dashboards
  • Supports decision making, measures and recommends network redistribution based on the QoE output measurements
  • Supports data export in different formats
  • Supports all mobile technologies (2G, 3G and 4G); VOLTE and 5G are in the product road map
  • Supports indoor and outdoor QoE measurement
  • Air Sensor: it is the wireless module that connects to the operator’s access network for the collection of radio messages.
  • Processing Software: it is the core software which processes the air sensor messages to generate QoE counters and KPIs, presenting them in live reports and dashboards, in addition to plotting the network coverage on real-time GIS maps.
  • GPS Module: it is the external module integrated with the measurement system to obtain the location information of the air sensors along the route of the drive test mission.

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