Vanrise’s Capacity Billing System (cabill) is a complete platform for wholesale and retail service providers to manage, bill, provision, and monitor connectivity, data, and co-location services.

cabill consolidates several modules under one platform, covering account management, product packaging, order management, service provisioning, billing and invoicing, alerting, BI reporting, and a customer portal.

Key Benefits and Features
  • Billing of event-based and non-event-based services using dynamic pricing rules
  • Automatic service provisioning and service deactivation
  • Capabilities for order management and tracking
  • Business process management (BPM) capabilities
  • Alignment with the client’s vision to introduce new service offerings
  • Integration with any third-party system such as CRM, ERP and payment gateways
  • Tools to design advanced reports and dashboards
  • Dynamic rule-based engine to detect, alert, and act against specific behaviors and business rules violations

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