Corporate Social Responsibility

Striving responsibly to serve as pillars in the industry with integrity and sustainability

Vanrise Solutions considers social responsibility the core of its culture and our corporate purpose is to orchestrate sustainability through the collaborative power of technology, talents, and ecosystem. The strategy and vision for CSR was formed by our CSR Team, and our objective is to create positive impacts in society, reduce risks and ensure the wellbeing of our employees, clients, and the environment in which we operate making a difference in our community. As part of Vanrise transformation, we aim to create a CSR platform to spread positivity in our social and envigored activities by working on economic growth and innovation.

Corporate Responsibility

We are committed to social responsibility and to be a relevant driver of positive change and continuous Innovation. Our business practices need to be strengthened with an emphasis on establishing and maintaining trust, transparency, and integrity.

Operating Responsibly

Vanrise is an equal opportunity employer, and this commitment is reflected in its employment and hiring practices. There is no discrimination at the company based on race, ethnicity, color, gender, age, or physical impairment. We prioritize local employment for nationals in our areas of operations, but we also recognize skills and qualifications as a priority for candidates’ admission and enrollment.

Vanrise is committed to establishing diversity and respects cultural differences in our workplace. Valuing diversity allows us to leverage differences within our teams to better service our increasingly diverse clients globally. We work on this culture and promote it across all departments and levels in our organization.

Investing in Our Community

By providing our technology, expertise and resources, we are committed to make a positive impact and measurable contributions to the communities where our employees, customers and partners are located.  We believe that our people are key in our success and define our future!

Listening to our employees helps us shape the employee experience and drives our strategy by adapting open communication digitally. We adopt transparency throughout the company and encourage employees to exchange information, shaping employee initiatives and company strategies through employee experience and feedback. 

Environmental Mission

As an established telecom provider, our team are acutely conscious of its responsibilities to limit the negative impact on our environment as well our ability to reduce waste and emissions in the telecom industry. The mission is delivered through many corporate programs.

Vanrise Academy

In its continuous quest for capacity and team building, Vanrise is establishing a full-fledged academy that will support a relatively large number of mostly fresh graduates and software development professionals seeking training, coaching, and employment. 

The academy aims to provide young professionals with the needed technical tutoring and guidance to pursue professional careers in software development, namely in the telecom field.  This enables Vanrise to give back to its community by empowering young professionals and at the same time benefiting from selective candidates who will be able to join our team and pursue a professional career.


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