Since changing our interconnect system to T.One, our operations have become much easier. The simplicity of extracting data from T.One is just amazing. Data that was previously not available for MTC is now easily obtainable via T.One system through its traffic monitoring and billing modules which cover all kinds of reports needed to give a 360° view of the telecom business and eventually steer decisions for achieving the best outcomes. From the start of the project up to going live, everything just went smooth. The support we continuously receive from Vanrise team is remarkable, and the team responds immediately and professionally to our concerns and needs.

The other great gain for MTC was that the system paid it off almost with going live. The logic for calculating the interconnect revenue as well as the system’s dynamic routing capabilities enabled MTC to recognize an immediate gain in interconnect revenue by almost “11.30%”, which resulted in a great ROI for MTC Namibia.


We are pleased to assure that Vanrise has been carrying out their tasks with extreme professionalism, dedication and integrity. Vanrise performance is commendable and ITPC strongly recommends Vanrise Solutions for similar solutions elsewhere.


T.One Business Suite supported Vuetel Italia’s growth since the very beginning; and after 6 years of daily experience with the system, I can confirm the choice was and is valuable.

Vuetel Italia benefits from the advanced routing engine of T.One which is able to support a multiple switch environment and full redundancy.

Thanks to the prompt and experienced support from Vanrise, any daily task is made easy so that Vuetel can stay focused on the business.


TELES and Vanrise have enjoyed considerable success in joint projects over the years. We are very happy to continue this collaboration in the future. For our customers, this means access to the best possible solutions and services


Working with Vanrise has become one of the most beneficial relationships we have developed with any company.

Vanrise exceptional work ethic, practice of diligence and perseverance in processing and follow up of tickets and new requirements has made them an extremely valuable asset to our practice.

Vanrise team is very well versed in billing and quickly respond to any questions or concerns we may have, and the account managers assigned to us have without exception taken a personal and responsible interest in our account.

We enjoy a very collaborative and trusting relationship with Vanrise and look forward to many more years of mutual success.

Thank you all at Vanrise for your constant and professional help.

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