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Following the successful implementation and seamless operation of T.One, MTC Namibia has upgraded its current T.One to benefit from the improved features and functionalities bestowed by T.One V2.

The newest version of T.One, our turnkey wholesale interconnect system, is a major evolution of the system translating our Vanrise in aligning with the technological advancements and latest market needs. The result is a dynamic solution which provides ease of customization based on the Generic Model deployed, in addition to a robust architecture that can be easily scaled in alignment with the business growth. The enhanced features improve the client’s visibility over traffic and routes, handing the keys to smart business decisions and strengthened control over various telecom business operations.

The migration to T.One V2 took 4 weeks after which MTC Namibia went live with the deployment. MTC Namibia’s teams have smoothly begun working on the new platform and have already started experiencing the prominent advantages of the latest version.

Vanrise is proud of its partnership with MTC Namibia and is constantly looking for new avenues of collaboration together.

On March 2019, Dr. Naeem Thajil Al-Rubaie, the Minister of Communication in Iraq, launched the Iraqi National Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) and received the Certificate Authority (CA) root keys from the representatives of Darkmatter and Vanrise Solutions, the Registration Authority (RA).

During this ceremony, HE stressed on the importance of fully implementing the digital signature project in Iraq for more transparency, fairness and integrity in government related transactions, adding that the fundamentals of the success of a Trust and Electronic Government is the digital representation of the citizen through the unified national ID and government services and the achievement of a secure data exchange between the two sides using the tools and technologies of digital signature.

Again this year, we were part of Capacity Middle East 2019 event in Dubai, showcasing our newly launched products in the realms of revenue assurance, probing, and connectivity and data management.  It was a great opportunity to meet with our clients and partners to reassure our successful collaboration and to meet with new prospects, creating potential opportunities and ventures of cooperation together.

For the second year in a row, Vanrise Solutions exhibits at MWC in Barcelona as part of the Lebanese Pavilion with Ogero, the arm of the Lebanese Ministry of Telecommunications.

The event was uniquely successful as Vanrise showcased its inspkt probing solution, presenting a live simulation to all interested mobile operators and telecom regulators attending the event and highlighting the capabilities of the inspkt solution in EDR extraction for KPI generation, fraud detection, and revenue assurance purposes.

Through its yearly participation at MWC, Vanrise constantly gains exposure and attention for its advanced telecom solutions that are continuously developed to cater to the ever-changing needs of the telecom market and to expand its market outreach.

Vanrise has successfully implemented the national and international interconnect billing system for Ogero, the engine of the Ministry of Telecom in Lebanon. 

With T.One in place, Ogero benefits from the advanced features which set a firm ground for achieving business agility, flexibility, exceptional user experience, advanced business intelligence, scalability and smooth integration with third party systems. The implementation covers voice and data traffic and will assist Ogero in improving its profit margins through revenue loss prevention as a result of the automatic tariff management, automated routing, advanced cost analysis, and improved financial settlements with local and international players. And aside from the numerous features of T.One, the project includes the seamless integration with Ericsson’s retail solution including mediation and CRM components. 

Since the project’s kick-off, Vanrise has relentlessly worked on the complete and timely delivery of the project. T.One system is now live and smoothly running, and the successful results are a conclusive evidence of how T.One supports Ogero’s objectives in streamlining its operations with better visibility over its traffic and increasing its revenues, which will directly impact the quality of service for much happier customers.

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