inspkt Probe

inspkt Probe is a network extraction system which functions in a passive mode to collect, in real-time, the signaling messages of voice, SMS and data services running over CS/PS networks of fixed and mobile operators and generates CDRs/IPDRs/counters that can be used for several applications and use cases:

  1. Allows telecom regulators to actively monitor and measure the national, international and roaming traffic of the various licensed telecom service providers, in their aim to:

    • Maintain adherence to their QoS/QoE guidelines and achieve accurate subscriber billing for consumer protection
    • Assure their telecom revenues through using the extracted data to audit billing information and enforce accurate revenue declarations by operators, which allows them to harness their merited revenues in applying further improvements to the telecom sector
    • Fight telecom fraud as a subscriber protection means and to stop revenue leakage
  2. Allows fixed and mobile operators to gain full visibility on the status of the voice, SMS and data traffic across their networks, in their aim to:
    • Achieve real-time detection of any type of telecom fraud (Wangiri, PBX-hacking, call spoofing, by-pass fraud, IRSF fraud, etc.) to protect their networks, revenues and subscribers
    • Monitor network performance at the core network level to maintain high QoS/QoE, identify any issues impacting service quality and user experience, and apply network improvements and upgrades when needed
    • Achieve revenue assurance on multiple levels
  3. Allows wholesale carriers to trace calls and store xDRs and .pcap files for analysis, in their aim to:
    • Detect wholesale fraud impacting their networks
    • Offer high quality of voice and SMS services to their interconnected partners


  • Is a non-intrusive system which uses the mirroring and the tapping techniques to capture network messages without disturbing the network being monitored.
  • Supports all network interfaces and protocols within a telecom operator’s network. 
  • Follows ETSI, ITU-T and 3GPP international recommendations.
  • Comes in four types (V-Analyzer; V-Probe STM1; V-Probe E1; V-Data-Probe).


  • Captures voice/SMS/data messages in real-time
  • Extracts QoS counters for better visibility on the core network status
  • Supports signaling and media content splitting
  • Provides ready-to-use and dynamic xDR outputs
  • Supports File, SQL and Big Data storage types
  • Provides unified IP output for all interfaces
  • Provides the means to recognize, diagnose and identify low performing and faulty network elements
  • Support special security applications
  • Monitor social media usage and identify problems facing subscribers especially during peak hours