inspkt - Probing Monitoring System is a probing solution which allows fixed and mobile operators and wholesale carriers to have full visibility on the status of their voice and SMS traffic across their networks and enables telecom regulators to monitor national and international traffic for auditing billing information and revenue declarations by operators. The extraction systems are non-intrusive passive systems that use the mirroring technique for IP networks and the tapping technique for TDM networks to capture packets without disturbing the network being monitored.

The system enables identifying and troubleshooting any problems affecting the customer experience through tracing and storing xDRs and generating alerts, reports and dashboards based on ITU and ETSI key performance indicators (KPIs).

Key Benefits

  • Real-time voice/SMS packet capture
  • Signalling and Media content splitting
  • Ready to use dynamic CDR output
  • File, SQL and Big Data storage capability
  • Unified IP output for all interfaces
  • Real-Time calculation of KPIs for better visibility and decision making on air and core networks
  • Low performing, congested and faulty network elements recognition, diagnosis and identification
  • Ease of troubleshooting, investigation and maintenance upon drop in the QoS
  • GIS map for the location of air sensor devices to identify underperforming cells
  • Support on network redistribution and upgrades
  • Customer experience simulation resulting into measurable KPIs

inspkt supports several interfaces and signaling protocols within an operator network and comes in three types (V-Analyzer; V-Probe STM1; V-Probe E1