inspkt QoS/QoE

inspkt QoS/QoE is a network monitoring solution which collects QoS and QoE counters, CDRs and IPDRs from the defined data sources, processes the collected data, and calculates QoS/QoE KPIs. The system generates alerts and notifications respecting the QoS/QoE thresholds predefined in the system and presents the QoS/QoE KPIs in dynamic BI reports and dashboards. This allows to monitor the network performance, service quality, and user experience at the operator’s access and core networks, providing end-to-end network visibility and helping troubleshoot network issues to ensure best quality of service available to subscribers.

inspkt QoS/QoE data sources support:

  1. QoS counters and CDRs/IPDRs collected from the core networks of fixed and mobile operators using inspkt probe, 3rd party network probes, or operators’ OSS systems
  2. QoE counters collected from the mobile operators’ access networks using inspkt DTS or 3rd party drive test solutions.

  • Calculates QoS/QoE KPIs in real-time for better visibility on the network performance and user experience
  • Helps recognize, diagnose and identify low performing and faulty networks and cells
  • Eases the troubleshooting, investigation and maintenance in response to any drop in the QoS/QoE
  • Offers dynamic BI reports and live dashboards
  • Provides a dynamic alerting engine
  • Drives taking smart decisions, measures and recommendations for network redistribution and upgrades based on the QoS/QoE output measurements
  • Incorporates a bridging module for smooth integration with third-party systems
  • Supports data export in different formats