MTC Namibia Adopts T.One Wholesale Suite to Manage its International Interconnect Traffic

Being the largest mobile telecommunications provider in Namibia, MTC continuously strives to maintain its position in the Namibian market and satisfy its subscribers with the best service offerings. This has urged MTC’s need for a complete billing and routing solution to provision high quality voice services to its clients via its Tier 1 partners worldwide and assure its revenues. After announcing a bid for an Interconnect Billing Solution in which several international vendors participated, MTC opted for Vanrise Solutions’s T.One Wholesale Suite to fully manage its interconnect billing as the latter solution completely fulfills MTC’s technical and commercial requirements.
T.One Wholesale Suite stands as a turnkey solution which provides billing, intelligent routing, invoicing, traffic monitoring and reporting, credit limit management, deals management, account management and much more, acting as an all-in-one solution for wholesale telecom providers. Through T.One Wholesale Suite, MTC looks for optimizing its interconnect operations at all levels, providing the best routes for its international voice traffic, and maximizing its profits. On the other hand, MTC aspires to keep its subscribers highly satisfied, increase its subscriber base and maintain happy partners.

By winning this tender, Vanrise ascertains its continuous endeavor to fully satisfy its target market needs through nonstop product development that goes in line with the latest technologies impacting telecommunications providers.