F.Zero is a test call/SMS generation service that initiates manual/automatic calling/SMS campaigns originating from several desired originations and terminating at the telecom operator’s network, using Vanrise’s testing devices to track CLI changes across the path.

F.Zero  is tailored for fixed and mobile operators and telecom regulators in order to detect:

  1. Telecom bypass fraud, identifying illegal SIM Boxes/Analog & Digital Lines through tracking international calls bypassing the legal IGW and terminating with local CLI, changed CLI or no CLI.
  2. International to national traffic refiling whereby national interconnected operators allowed for transiting international traffic to other operators change international CLIs to local CLIs to benefit from the difference between international and local call tariffs; F.Zero highlights, in such case, international inbound calls appearing with local off-net CLIs.
  3. False Answer Supervision (FAS) whereby the caller is billed before the actual connection time of the call.
  4. OTT bypass fraud, identifying international calls bypassing the operators’ legal gateways and terminated via OTT applications.
  5. Call spoofing, identifying fraudulent cases of manipulated CLI.
  6. SMS Bypass, SMS spoofing, SMS Spam.

Our F.Zero stands as a robust fraud detection technique as it:

  1. Identifies fraudulent cases in real-time
  2. Generates customized timely reports of fraud findings and sends them to operators using various means (Email, FTP, API, etc.)
  3. Provides dynamic reporting and dashboards interface
  4. Can automatically block fraudulent SIMs/Analog & Digital Lines through integration means with the network elements of FNOs/MNOs
  5. Continuously considers the fraudster tactics in its deployed methodology to maximize fraud detection capabilities
  6. Utilizes a wide range of sources including mobile operators, wholesale carriers, SIP accounts and calling cards to identify as many fraudulent cases as possible