Company Profile


Vanrise Solutions was founded in 2006 by a core team of telecom veterans with a mission to build turnkey solutions that will help facilitate and manage key operational facets within various industry niches. Since its establishment, Vanrise has focused on integrating with other key market players such as switch, routing and hosting solution providers and others to ensure its products fulfill and exceed all industry requirements for unified solutions.

Over the years, Vanrise has grown into a worldwide industry leader in providing amalgamated solutions in the fields of telecom billing, routing, fraud detection, revenue assurance, and international gateway management, targeting carriers, operators, ministries and regulators. Vanrise has also secured big governmental international gateway management and fraud detection projects for regulatory bodies which have fostered its successful growth.

Backed up by its network of partners and resellers around the globe, Vanrise today takes pride in achieving over 50 installations worldwide. In an industry that is spearheaded by constant change, Vanrise’s dynamic team is working closely with clients to power their organizations with agile tools and services, managing all their vital operations and allowing them to focus on reinventing their companies and strategic business development approach. Diversifying its product offerings to satisfy the continuously changing market trends has allowed Vanrise to sustainably grow across the years, witnessing an average annual growth rate of over 20% and managing operations and teams across three continents. To date, Vanrise’s products and teams daily manage and handle voice traffic of hundreds of million minutes, optimizing operations and achieving increased revenues and profit margins. Besides voice, Vanrise has extended its services to cover data, SMS, and triple play.